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East Gray Cemetery

drawing for Methodist Episcopal Church from Gray map

According to the book, "History, Records, and Recollections of Gray Maine" by George T. Hill, the Gray Methodists built a church on the easterly side of what is now called Mayall Road; a small cemetery was established beside the church in the direction of North Yarmouth. In 1869, the church was part of a collective effort to merge and to provide for a central meeting place. The East Gray church was then moved to Gray Corner and set on a lot beside the Baptist Church. Later, an an unspecified… more...

Gray Village Cemetery

photo of Gray Village Cemetery

Gray Village Cemetery is the largest in town and the only one in active use. It was opened in 1784, records of town historian George Hill state, when Daniel Libby, a prominent businessman here at the time, deeded to the town three acres of land for the site of the Parish Church house and a cemetery adjacent. With just under 5,500 burials as of 2020, much of the town’s history can be traced to “citizens” of Gray Village Cemetery.

More information including burial reports, maps, and… more...

South Gray Cemetery

photo of South Gray Cemetery

From page 323 of Volume I, Gray Cemetery Association Records, as recorded by Florence Libby Hunt:

"The beginnings of this little 'burying ground' are unkown to your recorder. The following deed was found among other papers in the old vault in the Town House and promptly recorded in Cumberland Registry.

Josiah Hill of Gray in consideration of $30.00 paid by the Inhabitants of the Town of Gray through their Treasurer, Jeremiah Pennell, Esq. conveyed a certain piece or… more...

Skillings Cemetery

photo of Skillings Cemetery

According to the Gray Cemetery Association, many/most burials have been relocated to Gray Village Cemetery.

Although no members of the Skillin/Skillings family are believed to be still buried in this small plot, records maintained by the Cumberland County Registry of deeds (1 Aug 1956; Doc #11463; Book 2305; Pg 182) trace the history of the Skillings burial plot through four Skillin/Skillings generations thus: "The said Josiah Skillin was the great-grandfather, the said Samuel T.… more...

Libby Cemetery

photo of Libby Family Cemetery

Small family cemetery (approximately 50' x 100') currently maintained by the Gray American Legion Post 86 because of the veteran Robert Cahill.

Photo shows a view of the Libby Cemetery from north to south. Perimeter along three sides is bordered with a chain fence.

Find a Grave: Libby Cemetery

Elder Family Cemetery

photo of Elder Family Cemetery

Located at the extreme end of Old Elder Road where a dirt path follows into a wooded area. Final resting place of Morrell & Hannah Elder and their family. Restored in 1964 by the Gray Historical Society. Records available at GHS Museum.

Find a Grave: Elder Family Cemetery