Skillings Cemetery

According to the Gray Cemetery Association, many/most burials have been relocated to Gray Village Cemetery.

Although no members of the Skillin/Skillings family are believed to be still buried in this small plot, records maintained by the Cumberland County Registry of deeds (1 Aug 1956; Doc #11463; Book 2305; Pg 182) trace the history of the Skillings burial plot through four Skillin/Skillings generations thus: “The said Josiah Skillin was the great-grandfather, the said Samuel T. Skillings and Susan S. Skillings the grandfather and grandmother, and the said Charles E. Skillings the father of the grantors [Frederic Skillings/Alice G. Smith]. The said Charles E. Skillings died intestate in 1939 and his estate was duly probated and the said grantors [Frederic Skillings/Alice G. Smith] are his only surviving heirs at law.” The deed transaction further states, “[This conveyance] … also excludes any interest or rights anyone might have in and to a burial plot situated in the southwesterly corner of the property.”

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