South Gray Cemetery

From page 323 of Volume I, Gray Cemetery Association Records, as recorded by Florence Libby Hunt:

“The beginnings of this little ‘burying ground’ are unkown to your recorder. The following deed was found among other papers in the old vault in the Town House and promptly recorded in Cumberland Registry.

Josiah Hill of Gray in consideration of $30.00 paid by the Inhabitants of the Town of Gray through their Treasurer, Jeremiah Pennell, Esq. conveyed a certain piece or parcel of land situate in said Gray and lying on the easterly side of the road leading from Gray Corner to Portland adjoining the South Gray Burying ground and at this time is enclosed by a new post and board fence, and annexed to and become a part of the burial ground at South Gray. Containing 58 sq rods more or less. Intending to include two detached pieces of land recently enclosed with and made a part of said burying grounds.

Reserving a certain apple tree standing near the line of the road within the burying yard fence.

The date of deed is March 4, 1871, acknowledged April 15, 1871. Recorded June 16, 1914 Vol 933 Page 162.”

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