Pennell Lab Building

In 1899 a small piece of land adjoining the Institute property was bought by the Town in accordance with the Pennell Trust and a laboratory building was erected. It is of brick construction and is of a style complimenting the main building. It was built by Silas W. Foster of Dry Mills. Three generations of his family later graduated from Pennell.

Mr. Foster was paid $1,300. for the project.

The building was not used in its entirety as a laboratory. For many years the main floor was used as a grammar school (through ninth grade) and was ruled over for about 30 years by the much beloved, admired and feared, Miss Mertelle (Auntie) Snow. The laboratory facilities were in the basement.

In 1931, with the opening of Hancock Junior High, (now the Gray Public Library), the building reverted to the use of Pennell students.

Through the years, Home Economics, Agriculture and Manual Arts were taught there. Later, after the construction of a Manual Arts building in 1950 and the 1954 addition to the main building, the Laboratory reverted to other uses.

For many years, after moving from the top floor of Stimson Hall, the Gray Library served both the town and the school from the building. For a number of years the building also served as the center of operations of The Gray News, the local weekly paper.

It is registered with the national register of historic places. Now empty.

20 Main Street

43.8875, -70.32822