Freeman Farm

The Freeman Farm Historic District consists of an one-hundred acre farmstead, located on the west side of the West Gray Road in Gray Maine. The farmstead Includes three contributing buildings, a house with attached ells (c. 1812), a New England-style barn (1830s), and a poultry house (c. 1880), as well as stone walls, historic orchards, fields, woods, and gardens, and an old well, which taken together constitute the site. Two non-contributing elements are included within the district: a c. 1930 garage and an old family cemetery. 

At the northwest comer of the 12 acre cleared fields lies the family cemetery. Bounded by stone walls, this family cemetery was in use by at least 1838 when Jonathan Freeman died. All of the bodies have been exhumed and re-burled in the Gray Cemetery.

National Register of Historic Places (Ref. #03000621)

43.854632, -70.380672