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DeLuxe Logging Camp

The new look in logging camps is to be found here in this little cross-roads town. And, shades of Paul Bunyan, it is different from the usual thing! The S. D. Warren Company’s de luxe logging camp, complete with every comfort of home, is unlike anything ever seen before in the timber country. The camp is located up in the woods at the head of Little Sebago Lake, near the Raymond town line, and here some 30 men, women and children live a normal and comfortable existence. In fact, that existence is so comfortable that some of the women who first accompanied husbands into the woods with some misgivings now declare that it is almost like a vacation to them. The old-time loggers who have spent winters in the snow-jammed woods in the past, living a rough life under crude, even primitive conditions, just don’t know what to make of this newfangled logging camp, which is more like a temporary village than a camp. They shake their heads in disbelief at what they see and talk about the old days when a logging camp existence meant beans, bunks and bruises for the lumberjacks.

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