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History of Gray Dates From 1735

The history of this town began with the granting of a township to Thomas Gray, and others, in 1735. The tract of land selected was called New Boston in 1756, which name it bore until 1778 when the town was incorporated with the new name of Gray, in honor of its earl land owner. Settlement began in 1750. By 1754, the proprietors had built a meeting house, erected 36 dwelling houses, and cleared lands.

Gray Land Divisions

The Cumberland County Registry of Deeds is a vast resource for property transactions, family links, and so much more. This plan of the Town of Gray, ME was compiled and drawn from a plan belonging to Samuel Weymouth, and from the U.S. Geological Map Scale of Plan 100 rods per inch Compiled and drawn by H.W. Foster CE Cumberland Mills, ME – May 5th 1906; Retraced March 1932; Filed 16 Sept 1938

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