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Portland's First Stonecutter

This this highly skilled craftsman trained in Massachusetts and made his way to Portsmouth, NH advertising his skill and a “flock of Italian marble and Quincy slate stone” in his possession. After his brief time there, he settled in Portland and married Charlotte Neal in 1804. When he set up shop, he immediately offered people in this area a faster and more cost-effective means to purchase gravestone markers. Prior to his arrival, graves were marked with either a found fieldstone or expensive markers ordered from Boston.

A Walk Through History

The Gray Public Library Association and the Gray Historical Society conducted historical tours of beautiful Gray Village Cemetery in October, 2013 to teach visitors about some of Gray’s most influential citizens. Tour highlights included Henry Pennell, Lt. Charles Colley, “The Stranger” & Sara Jane Foster. Proceeds from ticket sales benefitted both the Gray Public Library Association and Gray Historical Society.

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