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Sample volumes: Town of Gray Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports for the Town of Gray are original volumes from about 1900 through 1990 vary as to historical content, and may include Treasurer's Reports, reported deaths & burials, reported marriages, lists of unpaid taxes, and more.

Beyond the Smoke cover (cropped)

“The names and faces stored in photo albums and fading news clippings now have home and place in the history of Gray, Maine. The men and women who shaped the future of Gray Fire Rescue and the stories of those who lived there are now printed in black and white, to hold and to read.”

Catalogue of Pennell Institute

This slim volume was reprinted from the original with permission of the Pennell Alumni as a fundraiser for the Gray [Maine] Historical Society. Contents include a brief history of Pennell Institute, rules & regulations, listing of students, and course of study.

History, Records, and Recollections of Gray Maine (cropped)

George T. Hill was born in Gray on April 7th, 1891, the son of Luther W. Hill and Mabel F. (Cobb) Hill.  Through his mother, a descendant of the early settlers of the town, and her close friend, Mrs. Florence Hunt Libby Nelson, recognized as the town’s historian of her generation and author of The New Gloucester Book, he acquired in his youth an interest in and knowledge of local history.

Images of America cover (cropped)

This richly detailed visual history chronicles Gray’s last 230 years, beginning with the 18th century, when the early settlers established King’s Mast Yard. In this collection of over 200 photographs, the author explores a variety of topics, from the nationally known grave site of a Confederate soldier to one of the first high-speed electric railways.

photo of GHS Museum Store

In our museum gift shop, commemorative gifts, historical maps, note cards, and other Gray memorabilia are available for purchase.

Post Card examples

These images of Gray are printed on lightweight card stock in a convenient 3.5″ x 5.5″ post card format.