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Mrs. Cummings' Parlor

Mrs. Cummings' Parlor

This week, our From Our Files item is this single photo in need of a story. We hope that our readers will supply some background that we might add to Mrs. Cummings story.

We checked the 1940 Federal Census for the Town of Gray, which included Milo Cummings, a 60-year-old farmer; his wife, Lucy with no occupation listed, and their 14-year-old son Milo, Jr. They lived on Fish Hatchery Road in close proximity to Carlton & Helen Blake and Fannie Verrill.

Update: Our Facebook friends tell us that Lucy Cummings was a teacher at Dry Mills School in the early 1940’s. Her granddaughter reports she was also a principal at Windham and that Milo, Jr. was their only child.

The 1940 census includes no other Cummings women living in Gray. Do you remember this shop? Did it, indeed, belong to Lucy Cummings?

We’d love to hear from you!