This interactive map of Gray historical sites is a work in progress. We encourage submission of additional locations, images, and/or descriptions of additional historic sites.

Here’s an initial list of properties we hope to add to this map. This list – including the location descriptions – is from a map of historic locations created in 1977; other locations can most certainly be added.

For each location, we will need a street address or GPS coordinates [even approximate location is helpful], a good quality digital photo, and a description of the property. We’d also like to include resident memories about a property whenever possible.

Please send your contributions to

1. Old firehouse, Town Hall and Office, 1835. Also was location of Gray Bank, est. by Samuel Mayall II.

2. Pennell Institute, 1876, and Pennell Lab. bldg., gifts of Henry Pennell. Lab was the science laboratory and manul arts shop, was occupied for many years by the Gray News, is now empty.

3. Newbegin Gymnasium at Pennell, gift of George Newbegin, 1937.

4. Stimson Memorial Hall, gift of family of Theopholis Stimson, 1900.

5. Congregational Church, 1900.

6. Former Hancock School, gift of James T. Hancock, 1930. Stick style trim. Became Gray Public Library. Addition, 1989

7. Primary School, 1902. Stick style trim. Now S.A.D. 15 Office.

8. Baptist Church, built in 1830 by the Universalist Society. Now houses antique business.

9. Old Congregational Parsonage, Greek Revival, 1840’s. Across from former P.O. on Shaker Rd.

10. John T. Merrill House, mansard roof, 1870’s. Now, home of Rear Admiral Willard Sweetser.

11. “Clark’s block” includes several buildings, late 1700’s-1800’s. Main St., west side.

12. 14 Main St., Henry Pennell house, 1876. Was maternity hospital for Dr. Beck’s patients.

13. 18 Main St., 1876. Perley Sawyer home from c. 1915. Home of Margaret Sawyer.

14. Douglass house, mansard roof, 1876.

15. Currently Mae Beck home, brick early Greek Revival, 1832.

16. Charles Pennell house, 31 Main St., c. 1803-1808.

17. Colley Farm/Webb, 1700’s. Still occupied by Colley descendents.

18. Mayall/Snow House, 1830’s Federal.

19. Morrill house, 1830’s Federal. Now home of Evelyn Morrill Durgin.

20. Colonial Inn, 1832. Greek Revival. Now apartments.

21. Old Alms House, built by Theopholous Stimson. Brick, 1830’s. Now rear of property occupied by ladder company.

22. Original Baptist Parsonage, 1840’s.

23. 9 Brown St., now Helen Davis’ home, built late 1800’s.

24. William Merrill House, now home of Dr. Beebe and family. Brick Federal style on north side of Shaker Rd. Early 1800’s.

25. Fogg House, Cape Cod style, on Lewiston Rd. across from Cole Farms. 1700’s.

26. Weeks’ House. Currently Stansfield home, built 1700’s.

27. Small (currently red) Cape Cod style house on north side of Yarmouth Road, said to be built in 1760’s. Bay window added.

28. 1776 farmhouse, was Jim Gillies’ home, Yarmouth Rd. Sold c. 1999.

29. Pastor Samuel Perley’s Federal style home, late 1700’s. Old stenciling inside. Yarmouth Rd., south side.

30. Cyphus Perley / Dr. Gates’ house, c. 1800’s. Yarmouth Rd.. north side.

31. Goff House, brick Italianate, near corner of Mayall and Depot Rds., same builder as Pennell Institute. 1870’s.

32. George Perley House, c. 1830’s. Was Town Farm from 1879 to 1942, now a B & B. 33. Nathan Merrill House, Mayall Rd., 1766, considered Gray’s earliest house still in existence.

34. Greek Revival cape on Long Hill Rd., mid 1800’s. Bay window on side a late addition.

35. Hillcrest Farm, brick Federa;1, c. 1834. East side of Portland Rd., first house south of Long Hill Rd. Among owners: E. Cobb (1871), Charles Hill, and now, Donald Morse. Similar to #36.

36. Webster House, east side of Portland Road, brick federal; was an early tavern, built 1810-1820. Current owners are the Cellers.

37. Farwell House, Portland Rd. Cape style, possibly latter 1700’s.

38. Hunt/Wood House, Hunt’s Hill, 1797.

39. Brick house, top of Hunt’s Hill. Mid -1800’s.

40. Jedediah Libby farmhouse, east side of Old Portland Rd., now Center Rd. Built in 1874 with Greek Revival details on site of earlier home of Royal T. Nash.

41. Cobb/Walter Gothic Revival house, Dutton Hill Rd., late 1800’s.

42. Qinnegan Lodge, on Quinnegan Rd., Cape style, 1700’s.

43. House on corner of Rte. 202 and Totten Rd., currently Clark house, mid 1800’s.

44. Bob Niss Cape style on north side of Rte. 202, 1750-1800. Bay window is a late addition.

45. Libby House on north side of Rte. 202, rural Federal, c. 1790’s-early 1800’s. Currently painted red.

46. Greek Revival house, latter 1800’s. South side of Rte. 202.

47. Freeman farm on Rte. 202, built 1797. North side of Rte. 202.

48. John Huston home, across from #46, 1800-1849. Late addition bay.

49. Mansard-roofed home, south side of Rte. 202 near town line. 1870’s.

50. Boarding house for Mayall Mills workers in 1800’s, built by W. Beebe

51. Orin Whitney farm on west side of Portland Rd., 1800’s. Previous owner, Wilbur Hill.

52. “Old Cook House”, Patience Karlson home on east side of Portland Rd. south of Whitney Rd., a Cape Cod with pin construction and hewn beams, which date it to before 1825. 53. Interurban Railroad Station, served 1914-1933, on Yarmouth Rd. Now a private home with addition

54. Dry Mills Schoolhouse, 1858, moved in 1989 to Game Farm Rd. Restored and ready for visitors. 55. Eddie Morse/Wink house, Depot Rd., early 1800’s.

The following numbers may not be consecutive; several other houses are under research and consideration for later inclusion.

60. Currently Geo. Pulkkinen farmhouse, 1800’s. Center Rd.

63. Currently Hubert Cobb house (was a Shaw house), 1830’s. Cambell Shore Rd.

64. Noyes/Skilling house, north side of Rte. 202. Latter 1700’s -1800s.

A. Indian Kettle.

B. Site of Gray Fair and racetrack, 1884-1902.

C. Site of old corn cannery.

D. Site of King’s Mast Yard on Pleasant River, est. 1762 by Moses Twitchell.

E. Probable site of old blockhouse, 1700’s.

F. Site of Mayall Woolen Mills, est. by 1791 on Collyer’s Brook.

G. Original site of Dry Mills Schoolhouse, built 1858, moved to site on Game Farm Road. See #54.

H. Gray Cemetery / Grave of unknown Confederate soldier (Ave. H). Listed on National Heritage Trail.

I. Elder Cemetery.

J. Site of old Dry Mills Post Office, once known as “the smallest post office in Maine”. P.O. building to be moved to site beside #54.

K. Site (since Dec. 1997) of 1917 Civil War soldiers’ monument, moved from beside Morrill/Durgin house at corner of Portland Rd. and Rtes. 115/202.